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(This page is currently under construction. Stay tuned for summaries of each of our past investigations.)


March 22, 2015:  CGP is going strong.  We just completed an investigation at a private residence in Carson, WA.  We had a wonderful investigation and gave some answers to a woman who desperately needed them.  She has given up permission to post some of our audio and video findings.  Stay tuned.  We will be adding full conversations taped during this investigation using all our equipment including our new “Ghost Box” which gave us some fascinating results.  See Audio File page.  See Pics/Video page.

Now Up and Running: Listen to EVP’s and audio clips we recorded on investigations on our new Audio Files Page! Also, check out our new “Pics and Video Clips” Page!!!

If you have a location you want us to investigate, e-mail us through the contact page!

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