Club News

March 22, 2015:  We have several investigations that we are in the process of scheduling.  Stay tuned for more news.

February 27, 2015.  8:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.:  We just completed an investigation at a private residence in Carson, WA.  We had a wonderful investigation and gave some answers to a woman who desperately needed them.  She has given up permission to post some of our audio and video findings.  Stay tuned.  We will be adding full conversations taped during this investigation using all our equipment including our new “Ghost Box” which gave us some fascinating results.  See Audio File page.  See Pics/Video page.

Friday, October 12, 2012 7:00pm at the White Salmon Library
Come spend an evening with us and learn more about paranormal investigation. It might not be what you expect. Come learn about the science of investigations. And is paranormal investigation really like the movie Ghostbusters? (enter in door to the left of the main entrance) RSVP on Facebook

Saturday, Oct. 29. 2011, CGP to participate in the Lyle Activity Center Fundraiser. See for more info.

CGP Founder Rich Lyons appeared on CGN7 talk show “Localite” with John Compton. The episode was taped August 18th, 2010 and aired on September, 1st. See episodes.

CGP was featured in article called “Haunted Places of The Columbia Gorge” in the fall 2010 issue of “Columbia Gorge Magazine.

We’ve been invited by the Apple Valley Store in Hood River to discuss doing an investigation of some inexplicable phenomenon at this historic riverfront general store.

Future Investigations:
(Stay tuned for more scheduled events!)

2011-We are scheduling a 2nd visit to The Lyle Hotel, the TV Station CGN is interested in broadcasting this investigation. Stay tuned. Like us on Facebook to be notified when this will air.

We have made contact with the Historic Society of Goldendale. We hope to arrange an investigation at the Presby Mansion and Museum as well as at the Bonebreaker/Sleeper House. We will post any progress made on those soon!

Lastly, we have also had initial contact with the Columbia Gorge Hotel, but nothing has happened with it yet.

Places we want to schedule for future investigations: The Columbia Gorge Hotel; Hood River, OR Carson Mineral Hot Springs: Carson, WA

(Anyone with information or contacts for the above locations, please feel free to contact us!)