Meet The Members

Founder/Lead Investigator: Rich Lyons
Rich is a Marine Scientist turned public school teacher. He currently teaches middle school science in White Salmon, WA. He also teaches graduate meteorology classes for the National Weather Service. He has both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Science Education in the fields of Biology, Physics, and Earth/Space Sciences. Drawn to the field of paranormal research by his own personal experiences, he calls himself a “skeptical believer” as he seeks to find answers and explore the unknown from a scientific point of view.

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Tech Specialist: Scott See
Scott is a born-and-bred New Yorker who currently runs a company that distributes products in Japan. Scott got his BBA and MBA, worked as captain of a sailboat, and worked in advertising in NYC before moving to White Salmon. Scott’s spiritual and philosophical foundation is a blend of Ayn Randian Objectivism with a dose of joie de vivre in the style of the movie “Harold and Maude.” Scott is the resident skeptic who acknowledges that since things such as self awareness are not explainable in the confines of matter, energy, space, and time, the door is open to other extra-scientific phenomena.

Investigator/Case Manager: Rhonda Rickey
Rhonda is the OB manager and an RN in the Birth Center, and the new Childbirth Educator at a local hospital. She migrated to the Gorge about 10 years ago, and knows that White Salmon is her permanent home. Rhonda has been interested in and has studied the paranormal most of her life. She has had many ghostly experiences, starting in her early childhood. Being able to aid in getting scientifically, documented proof of the existence of the paranormal is very exciting to her. She looks forward to the upcoming investigations!

Investigator: Yvonne Taylor
Yvonne is a Language Arts public school teacher. She currently teaches high school English in The Dalles, OR. She has earned her Bachelors Degree in English/Writing Intensive and is currently in progress for her Masters Degree in English. History has always been an interest for Yvonne and she has visited many historical places including some that also claim to be haunted. Personal experiences have led her to become curious and conduct research in the verification of hauntings. She considers herself a believer, but her first inclination is to search for explanations and “debunk”.

Investigator: Allison Rickey
Allison Rickey is the daughter of our case manager Rhonda Rickey. She is a graduate of Columbia High School and still lives here in White Salmon. Thanks to her mother, she too has an interest in the paranormal and has recently decided to join our team. She had her first investigation at the White Salmon Cemetary this summer. Welcome, Allison!

Investigator in Training: Laurie (Hepner) Wangelin
Laurie is a lifetime resident of White Salmon who works at a local fruit warehouse.  She’s a mom of a recent college freshman.  Laurie has always been a serious skeptic, but after some recent investigations, she is now a true believer.  “Seeing is believing.”

Investigator in Training:  Susie Tibke
Bio coming soon

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