Pictures and Video Clips


Currier House, Carson, WA

Wind River Cellars

Video clip from the winery investigation. We didn’t know what it was at first. Turned out to be a moth on the lens of camera 4.

The Logs Restaurant

Video clip from the July 1st investigation of The Logs Restaurant. In this clip you will see camera 4 move in a strange way. No one was in the room at the time, and the only way in or out of this small room was through the door that was in the camera’s view the whole time. We don’t know what moved it, but this does perhaps substantiate some of the claims of activity in that room.


The Logs Restaurant

Dining area in The Logs Restaurant from our July 1st Investigation. Notice that in this picture taken early in the investigation, the plastic menu holders are standing upright on each table. After hearing the noise in that room, it was found that the one on the table in the corner by the windows was knocked over. (hear noise)


Screen shot from the May 25th investigation of the Wind River Winery taken on our new DVR with Night-vision cameras. We can record from all 4 cameras at once. Nothing to show in this shot, but we thought people might find it interesting anyway!