It is the goal of C.G.P. to investigate locations of possible paranormal activity in the Columbia Gorge area. The members of our group come from many varied professional backgrounds, but we all share a common desire to face the unknown and find answers. It is our personal mission to assist people who have questions about possible paranormal events happening in their lives, and to help them find answers. We do this out of a genuine scientific curiosity, and our wish to help others understand the unknown and learn to deal with it. When we investigate a site, we will use the best scientific equipment and true scientific techniques. We strive to be as professional and discrete as possible!

When an individual, family, or business contacts us it is usually because they need someone to listen to their situation, believe them, and help them. Most people are afraid that they will be ridiculed or shunned because they believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. These people need and want validation. They want to know that they are not “crazy” and that they are experiencing something real. We will, of course, always endeavor to assist them.

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