From Eric and Stacey Felger, Portland, OR–
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Eric FelgerI think you guys did a remarkable job! I was very impressed with the dedication and obvious pride you all put into your investigation of our home. Thank you all for your efforts, and if you ever need dinner down this way, I’m buying.
Eric Felger –I am writing this as a testament to the professionalism, and excellent ethic of Columbia Gorge Paranormal. We met through a happy coincidence, and I must admit I was skeptical about the whole thing. We met for a consultation, and I was impressed with the way the group conducted themselves, and the obvious care they took when gathering data. I am happy to give my unreserved approval of Columbia Gorge Paranormal, and would host their group again with absolutely no reservation whatsoever. They have both my respect and my Thanks.
Stacey Felger It was awesome now I know that other people have had our experience too and to know and our house really is haunted now


Lyle Press Release

I want to thank the Columbia Gorge Paranormal team of investigators for donating their time recently to be the featured presenters at our Halloween-themed fundraiser. Everyone who attended the event was eager to hear you speak about your experiences with paranormal events; you really thrilled the crowd with your knowledge, research and equipment. Your video and audio recordings of unexplainable phenomenon were both thrilling and chilling to hear, and everyone in the group had a chance to sit with what they heard and saw and examine their own experiences and beliefs. The after-event field trip to the Lyle Hotel was attended by EVERYONE who bought tickets and this was a great way to connect what we heard and saw during the presentation with reality. We look forward to working with you again!

Lisa Conway
OLESS President

“Rich’s team did an amazing job of meeting with us, explaining different types of paranormal anomaly including EMF* and how it can effect the experiences that we were having. It turns out that in our home evaluation his team found very high levels of EMF areas from older appliances. We were very suprised and at ease knowing we are not crazy.”

*Electromagnetic field Energy from faulty wiring can cause the illusion of paranormal activity.

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The professionalism of the team was amazing. They had come into my home and when they left you would not have known they were there. I have been wondering about any paranormal activity in my home because of the folk lore my house has in the area. It was interesting to watch the team do their investigation. Any questions I had were answered in a manner I could understand. They have some nice equipment that they set up in different rooms and they set up a command post where they can monitor everything with an eagle eye, very impressive. I would recommend them to anybody who is searching for answers to paranormal things going on in their homes or businesses.

Ed Demjanovich

I want to thank CGP for coming out and completing their investigation of my home. It is nice to know that the occurrances are not just in my head. Your company did a wonderful job and was completely professional. Thanks for your support and great blessings on your future investigations.

K.W. Private Homeowner; Goldendale, WA

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