Tools and Tech

Tools used by C.G.P:

E.M.F. Detectors

In Physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed within the environment of a fixed system, but can be converted into other forms. This relates in that many paranormal experts believe in the theory that paranormal or “spirit” energy must manifest itself in measureable ways. One such theory is that in order to manifest itself a spirit or entity must draw upon energy from the surrounding world. Many believe that one such form of energy is natural electromagnetism. Because of this, most Modern paranormal investigators have incorporated the use of electromagnetic field (EMF) meters in their work in attempts to track paranormal energy. In fact, these instruments are often the most commonly used devices by “ghost hunters” today. These EMF meters were originally designed for electricians for detecting hidden wiring, energy leaks, and other more conventional uses. Meters like the Tri-field Natural EMF meter were designed for detecting storms and atmospheric changes.
By using these meters correctly, a locations base-line EMF level can be established. If disturbances of an areas EMF occur that cannot be tracked to a source, or explained by other means, then it is perhaps paranormal in origin. Many people have seen that anomalous high EMF readings often correlate with the manifesting of other paranormal activity. For this reason, and EMF detector may help investigators validate paranormal evidence.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared (I.R.) Thermometers are sensitive to infrared instead of the visible spectrum. This means they can detect heat or the differences in temperature of surfaces and air. Again, this relates in that many paranormal experts believe in the theory that paranormal or “spirit” energy must manifest itself in measureable ways. Many have experienced “cold spots”, pockets of unexplainably cold air, in areas of paranormal activity. In theory, this means that by drawing in energy from the surrounding area (in order to manifest itself) an entity may lower the surrounding air temperature or change the temperature of surfaces it contacts. By using IR Thermometers, investigators may be able to record these unusual temperature differences.

Digital Recorders and EVP.’s

Another tool used by investigators is the Digital Voice Recorder. These devices, which are usually used for messaging, dictation, or other sound recording are commonly used to record possible EVP’s. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) refers to the manifestation of voices and sounds of paranormal origin on electronic media such as radios and tape or digital recorders. In such cases, over the course of an investigation, all sounds are recorded on digital voice recorders. Then upon playback, voices or sounds which were not audible at the time of recording may be heard. Sometimes just random sounds such as footsteps that can’t be accounted for, and other times actual voices speaking, these EVP’s are hidden in the background of the audio recording. Many paranormal experts believe these voices and sounds to be entities of paranormal origin trying to communicate with us. It must be a sound unheard by anyone at the time of recording to be considered a true EVP. Whether a true EVP or just a sound that was heard at the time of recording, digital sound recorders are one of the best tools a paranormal investigator can use to document activity.


Digital Photography, Video, and Night Vision Cameras
Obviously, any time an investigator can catch evidence of paranormal activity on film it is to their advantage to do so. Digital cameras are the perfect tool to use because they give the investigator an immediate photograph of the location being investigated. Many believe that paranormal energy or entities will become visible on film or on digital media even if they are not visible at the moment that they are filmed. Many paranormal investigators claim to have caught everything from unexplainable orbs and mists to unaccounted-for shadows and even full-bodied apparitions on film and digital media. Though many are certainly tricks of the lens or hoaxed photos, it is still important to try to capture visual evidence of these phenomena when possible. Many investigators use flash photography when in the dark, but new and inexpensive Night Vision cameras have made it possible to take both still images as well as video in no light conditions. Catching a moving object, entity, or other paranormal activity is the “Holy Grail” of paranormal investigation. Since most people think seeing is believing, it is important to gather visual evidence that can later be studied in depth.